43+ Cute and Smart outdoor kitchen cabinets for Backyard

Are you looking to give new life to your summer barbecues? Try one of these outdoor kitchen ideas for its size. Whatever the space you work with, you can easily turn your deck or patio into the hottest meeting place on the block, thanks to some inexpensive or do-it-yourself additions.

Get to work to build an elegant stone and wood grill station or beautify your outdoor bar with elegant refrigerated drawers. For small outdoor spaces, you can even designate a comfortable integrated kitchen against one of the exterior walls or recesses of your home using concrete shelves. And if your backyard already has a fully functional cooking center, put on your decorative hat and experiment with fun signs, colorful patio seating or even a table backsplash to display your outdoor dining menu. For even more outdoor inspiration, discover these DIY chicken coops and these lovely garden sheds.

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