Wavy Hairstyles for new season Winter And Spring 2019

Wavy hair: how to define? Whoever has type 2A, 2B, and 2C wires is well aware that mission is not always an easy task – especially because of the lighter waves that usually break down with your fingers.

But if you are looking for good news, we have: you can rest assured that there are no shortages for curly hair with tips and tricks homemade to activate more curls in your look.

How about trying the most famous techniques? See the story and test the options at home:

What it is: The acronym “LOC” is an abbreviation for liquid, oil and cream – and the idea of ​​the technique is to mix these three ingredients in the hair. The method helps to moisturize, brighten and ensure more definition, but to not weigh the wavy look, remember to use a lightweight comb cream and little oil!

You will need: capillary oil, light texture and water combing cream;

How to do: With your hair very wet after washing, apply a little oil of the length to the tips. Then, it is time to apply the combing cream also from the length to the ends of the threads and afterwards, just comb the hair with your fingers, kneading them from the bottom up.

What it is: The twist has this name because of the twisting movement that must be done at the time of finishing with the technique. Here, the purpose is to spiral the wicks to make each part of the hair well curled!

You will need: elastics to fasten the wires;

How to do it: First, divide all hair into strands. Then, take each one of them and divide them in half, rolling one part in the other. Once done, fasten the tip with a rubber band to keep the wires intact and leave it until they are dry.

Then just undo the curled strands, apply the leave-in or capillary oil carefully, kneading the strands from bottom to top and undoing the twist with your fingertips.


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