Suprising CHRITSMAS CROCHET Pattern Image Ideas for 2019

Christmas deer cupcake Pattern

Christmas decorations bring warmth and happiness to your home. Let’s crochet sweet deer cupcakes to decorate the house and create a celebration spirit! Follow the free amigurumi pattern below.

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Andy’s Stocking Pattern

The standard stocking measures approximately:

9 1/2 ” wide at foot
5 1/2″ wide at leg
15″ tall
The oversized stocking measures approximately:
11″ wide at foot
7 ” wide at leg
16 1/2″ tall

This stocking is designed as two mirrored panels that are worked flat and then joined together. For more information regarding this pattern and its designer, please visit us at:

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Trees and Candles Stocking Pattern

This model is a self-employed exercise to create your own color finishing stock. This includes original color design designs and places where you can add your own designs.
This is not a beginner model; some knowledge of heel and toe handling is required.
There are suggestions for yarn colors and textures, as well as notes on decorations.

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Christmas Gnomies Pattern

These little gnomes are quickly made from the remnants of sock yarn. The gauge doesn’t really matter. I made my own with sock yarn on 2.25mm needles and they turned out to be about 5 inches high (6 inches with the hat straight up).

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Meia de Natal Pattern

This year 2020 has been quite challenging. With Christmas, social distancing is more demanding than ever. Unable to embrace all our friends and family, we thought we might be there, when we weren’t. The secret is to knit a Christmas ornament and send it to anyone you love. Sharing joy and sending a little love tangled in yarn. Spread the joy with these little Christmas socks!

The model is easy to follow and with really simple methods. The sock is knitted flat, and the colored part consists of a simple mosaic pattern. Therefore, no double needles are required and it is not necessary to carry 2 yarns at the same time. Just simple knitting and a really simple heel and toe design, just need to know how to work 2 stitches together.

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Christmas Elf Gnome Pattern

Get ready to create the most adorable Christmas elf dwarf! He is a good little helper, but be careful, as he is known, that a little or twice he incited a little evil and got his hand into the cookie jar. The same, he will definitely bring additional holiday encouragement to your home or office. Watch others joyfully as he spreads additional holiday encouragement wherever he goes.

Whether you plan to use him as a holiday decoration, as a special gift or for a play, he will definitely add that extra touch of joy to any occasion.

You can also test the Santa Gnome model as a great companion to sit next to the Christmas elf dwarf on your fireplace!

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