Pixie Haircuts for beauty Laides 2019

Finally, Gigi Hadid’s Stuart Weitzman’s new campaign increased interest in pixie haircuts with a brilliantly bright pixie haircut. Recently, Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne and Scarlett Johansson (one of the first users of this hair) have made a bold choice. I say boldly because, unlike many other hairstyles, Pixie is one of the haircuts that are at risk for face shape compliance.

The sides are usually shortened or shortened to the machine, or are made as short as possible. As it can be very similar to male-type haircuts, tops and fronts can be kept long and intensive and a more feminine appearance can be caught. This versatile cut helps you to look like a dream girl, just like Scarlett Johansson when you want the image of a naughty girl.

We can say that Pixie is the ideal face shape for ultra short haircuts. As you emphasize your facial features, leaving the hump dense and voluminous creates an effect that prolongs your neck.

Technically, you can use your hair with any hair color that you think will suit you. I can also use curls with cuttings, which I like the cuts of the most deeply segregated, slightly tapered long layers. So you can scan them in different shapes and get very different styles.

Pixie Haircuts for Heart Shaped Faces:
Fortunately, your forehead is wide. Pixie helps emphasize your eyes and your cheeky bones. For a heart-shaped face it is necessary to add a height in order to extend the face. For this reason, the dense and folded top zone provides this balance while the edges are kept flat to extend the face.

Short rags attract attention to the eyes. While heart shapes tend to have broad algae, side-browned brows narrow the forehead. This cut is ideal for people with small faces, dazzling eyes and high cheekbones.

Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces:
Instead of making super short haircuts like Pixie, you might want to stretch your face a bit and keep the hair under the jaw so that it is slightly thinner. You need a lot of volume at the top of your hair because it looks narrower than your face.


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