Tiger Cub Amigurumi Pattern

Hello friends. Today we will knit Tiger Cub Amigurumi. This is a free crochet pattern.
Lets knit.

Designer: @ chudo.toy.secrets

Hook 2 mm
Yarn Art Jeans: # 85, # 70, # 62
Eyes 8 mm
Needles and pins
Using these materials, the height of the toy is 16 cm.

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Bull Yashka Amigurumi Pattern

Using these materials, the size of the bull is about 17 cm.
(Provided you crochet No. 2 … if your hook is bigger, the toy will turn out to be bigger) You can use a different yarn, and the toy will be a different size accordingly.
All parts are knitted in a spiral and filled in the knitting process. If you do not have to fill in something or do not have to fill it in completely, I will indicate in addition.
The color change takes place in the last loop of the row.

Designer: Glotova Svetlana
Email address [email protected]

Required materials and tools:
You can choose any color as well as type of yarn.
– yarn for knitting beef – semi-wool YarnArt jeans for body color Nr. 86 (cream), color no. 40 (brown) and pink no. 73 muzzles,
– horns color No 40 (brown)
– For the scarf color with number 69 (green) you can specify the number 29 (light green).
– hook number 2 (you can 2.5)
-filling – holofiber
– eyes on a secure attachment 8 mm
– white felt for white eyes,

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Amazing Spiderman Amigurumi Pattern

Hello, dear friends. I am with you today with a brand new amigurumi model. Would you like to knit a very stylish amigurumi spiderman today? Let’s knit together.
Designers: @ kiriuhina.evgenia
Tools, yarn
Hook # 1.75
Red Yarn Art Jeans # 26
Black Yarn Art Jeans # 53
Blue Yarn Art Jeans # 47
Felt for decoration, you can use
foam plan

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Little Brown Teddy Bear Amigurumi Pattern

Hello friends. Today we will knit nice brown bears amigurumi. Using these materials, you will get Kesha no more than 20 cm in height.
You can dispose of the toy at your discretion. When publishing, indicate the author of the description. Thanks!

Designer: Jekaterina Gapeeva
So we need:
yarn: Bambino by Nako (light brown), Alize Cotton Gold (dark blue,
dark brown and black), Letto by Color City double (blue)
Hook no. 1.9
Needle with a big eye
Wool and felting needle
Eyes – half beads
Glue moment

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Cute Girl Cat Amigurumi Pattern

Hello dear friends. Today we will knit little girl cat amigurumi. This pattern completely free crochet pattern. Lets knit!

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Plush Teddy Bears Amigurumi Pattern

Tedy bear amigurumi height turns out to be 17-18 cm, however, depending on the yarn and hook chosen, your density, the growth of the toy may be different.
The head, tail, ears and nose are sewn. All paws are knitted, the nose can be replaced with plastic with a secure attachment.

Author: Natalia Khodosevica @tashkatoys

Himalaya Dolfin Baby yarn or other similar plush yarn, which is slightly below half
Semi-cotton nose thread
Eyes: 10mm
Hook: 4.5 mm and 3 mm (nose)
Needles, needle sewers

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