More Beautiful and FREE Crochet Flower Patterns Images New Ideas for 2019


Crochet flowers are so pretty! They look simple, but they are easy to make. They can also be integrated into craft projects. I will use these flowers for a card – something for a special person (advice: Mother’s Day !!!). This flower is very easy to make. I used a 8-ply yarn and a 4mm hook, but you can of course also use the yarn and hook size that you prefer. The flower turns spiral and begins with a magic ring. The flower has only two rounds – one round with single hook stitches and the other round with a half double hook and double hook work, which are incorporated into the individual hook stitches to make the petals.

Everyone loves flowers. They embellish our day and make us smile as soon as we see them. But there is no sight more sad than the faded flowers.

You may have thought that you were stuck in this love-hate relationship for life, but do not be afraid, we are here to offer you a perfect crochet flower without a beginner.

However, for those of you who are like me and have trouble keeping the plants for a long time, these crochet floral designs are a great way to bring these floral essences to your home this spring and summer. These flowers are always amazing and will not let you down if you forget to rub them for a short time. Above all, they are incredibly versatile crochet patterns. You can use them for hair accessories, gifts, home decorations or even to dress the adorable soft sun visor hats that are so stylish right now. These patterns each have their own personality, as they interpret the central theme a little differently, mixing colors, layers, and types of flowers. They also contain various hook stitches, such as crocodile and popcorn stitches, in an innovative way. Here are some of my personal favorites, so you can have a crocheted flower garden to your liking.


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