Medium hairstyles for stylish women 2019

The “glass hair” trend is dominating the salons of the whole world! Just check out the Instagram inspirations to see that mega glossy, smooth and straight-cut hair with the straight base is the trend of the moment for fans of plated wires.

To get into the trend, the key is to embark on the short cut or bob hair – they value the effect with brilliance – to lend tricks with finishers and keep the chap as an ally. Learn how to copy the trend!

To get into the trend of ultra-glossy hair, there are 3 favorite cuts: the bob cut, which is the shorter version of the long bob and appears at the nape of the neck; the short bob, which is even shorter, at the height of the ear or slightly below; and the straight chanel, which is a little longer and well symmetrical.

Still do not have the courage to bet on such short cuts? No problem: there are people wearing long bob, which is shoulder height, and betting on the effects that “glass hair” asks for, such as intense glow and mega smooth texture.

To copy the glossy effect of “glass hair”, the tip is to have 2 basic items in hand: a capillary oil and a flat iron! And fool who thinks oil can not be used on straight hair, see? Here, we tell you how oil acts on this type of hair, and the trick to not weigh is to apply a very small amount of the product. Another trick is when you apply the oil, wash the wires before with a shampoo for oily or mixed hair, such as the Elseve Hydra-Detox Anti-grease from L’Oréal Paris, to keep the root without oiliness.

Do not forget to apply the oil before making the flat iron, okay? The product will seal the cuticle and protect the yarn from the dryness of the appliance. Afterwards, it is liberated to apply a little more of the product at the tips and finalize dividing the wires in the middle!


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