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Essie rainbow bear amigurumi Pattern

purposes. You are allowed to sell finished items in a limited way and mention @essiebirdies as designers. Essiebirdies is not responsible for the finished products made by the users of the model. This model is free and a gift for you. I spend a lot of time developing it, please don’t use it in any way. Enjoy crochet this rainbow bear crochet and I’d love to see your social network.

Copyright and Designer: @essiebirdies

• Cotton yarn in the colors you like
• Hook size 2.5 mm
• Fiber filling
• Needle and scissors
• Safety loops 12 mm
Finished size: 20 cm (made of cotton yarn and hook size 2.5 mm

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Plush Pink Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

This is a nice pink bunny amigurumi crochet pattern. Lets knit with love!
The size of the toy is 18 cm.
Designer: @amical_toys
Himalayan velvet yarn (pink); iris yarn (black)
Hook 3mm. 12 mm eyes on a secure attachment.
Scissors, white thread, needle,
Filler (holofiber)

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Mi mi Mouse Amigurumi Pattern

There are no knitting lessons in the master class, it is intended for craftsmen with crochet skills.
Using these materials, you will get a Cloud not exceeding 20 cm in height.

Designer: Jekaterina Gapeeva

So we need materials:
Threads: Bambino from Nako (light brown), Pekhork children’s novelty (white), etc.
slightly gray, black and dark brown
Hook no. 1.9
Needle with a big eye
Wool and felting needle
Eyes – half beads
Glue moment

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Giraffe Zhenechka Amigurumi Pattern

This description does not include training and takes into account your crochet skills. When publishing a photo of your work with my description, please indicate me as Svetlana Voronkova as the author, I do not find it difficult to please)))
I use Troitskaya “Krokha” (135 m / 50g) in three colors – cross section for body, black nails, white muzzle, hook with number 2.5 and safety eyes with a diameter of 10 mm. Chenille wire and two horn beads. Using these materials, the toy turns out to be 26 cm, except for the horns.

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Lovely Girl Doll Amigurumi Pattern

Hello everyone 🤗💞
Curly hair turned out to be so funny
Initially I was planning a completely different doll, but I often have one idea in my head and during the process I can change / change everything I have planned 😅 But I am happy with the result 😊😍 The doll is 27 cm, only the overall is removed, it stands and sits only with support.

Designer: Lena Businka

– Yarn Pekhorka’s “Children’s News”
– Hook 2 mm
– Safe eyes
– Filler
– Needle for sewing parts
– scissors
– Dry pastel.
The doll is 27 cm long. Standing and sitting with a support.
Craft girls, knit with pleasure and celebrate the holidays
Lena Businka as the author of your doll chart.

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Winnie the Pooh Bear Amigurumi Pattern

Using these materials, the height of the finished toy is about 25 cm. There are no knitting lessons in the master class, minimal crocheting skills are required.

Designer: @dvishandmade

In this master class you will need:
– hook no. 3.5 mm-4 mm,
– No 2.25mm-No. 2.5 mm spout and blouse
– Himalaya Dolphin Baby 1 yarn, yellow (I have # 80313)
– Yarn Art denim yarn in black for nose and red blouse (any cotton yarn on request)
– for sewing parts of a suitable yarn (eg iris)
– holofiber toy stuffing
– qigang needle for sewing parts
– 3 small buttons for blouse

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