Would you like to create a pretty little flower that can be used quickly and easily to decorate craft projects? This small flat flower application is perfect for a variety of different applications. He can decorate small projects such as hair clips, headbands and gadget cases or pick bouquets of these flowers to sew larger projects. You can also put together a large set and tie it to a crochet chain to create a beautiful garland for decorating your home. A smaller version would also work as a crochet chain.

This model is very simple and suitable for advanced beginners. Anyone who has learned and practiced the basics of crochet enough to work together should find this project easy and quick. And beginners who have not mastered the basic points will find instant gratification in this hook project.

Crochet Yarn or Yarn: You can try this project with any crochet yarn or yarn. When making this crocheted flower for the first time, it is best to work with a smooth yarn with a weight that you can already use comfortably. The sample shown here was made with light blue Bernat Softee baby thread. Once you have made the habit of making the flower, you can enjoy using it with more unique threads, such as As effect yarns, plastic bag threads or wicks to process.
Hook size / finished flower size: The size of this crocheted flower depends on the size of the hook used to make the product. This depends on the thread or yarn selected in the previous step. Use the hook size for your thread, which is usually available on the label of your thread. Note: When crocheting with Bernat Softee and a size F hook, the flower is about 5 cm long.


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