adapted crocodile stitch flower Pattern

I didn’t care about the crocodile stitch flower and decided to try my hand at making a smaller flower.
I use 5.00 mm hooks and basic yarn scraps left over from other projects.

tighten the stitch in a magic circle
chain 8 and slip the stitch back into the magic circle
repeat 4 more times
crochet 1 single stitch, 1 half crochet, 4 double crochet, 2nd chain, 4 dbl, 1 hdc, 1 annual stitch in the middle of the 8 loops of the first chain. *
repeat in the other 4 loops, working in a circle.
when you have finished the last one-time crochet, turn the stitch on the first single crochet and tie. If you want to add a button, leave enough at the tip of the tail to do so.

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African Flower tape measure Pattern

Every crafter needs a cute tape measure. This one you can make in your favorite colors, to match your crochet hooks, scissors, wallpaper, your purse or your outfit. (Don’t laugh… I know I’m not the only crafter who gets a kick out of realizing my crochet hooks matches my shoes)

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Knit a small poppy Pattern

Use any spare bits of yarn, but use a smaller needle than you normally would for that yarn.

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African Flower pincushion Pattern

Now that you’ve made an African Flower tape measure, I know you’re in need of a matching pincushion. Here is a quick an easy pattern for you.

You need:
♥ Thin cotton yarn in 1-4 different colors. I’ve used DMC, Natura Just Cotton
♥ 3 mm crochet hook
♥ Polyfil stuffing
♥ Scissors

♥ Needle

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Petal Coasters Pattern

March 17, 2018 – A new updated written version of this model with many photos was added.

Yarn suggestions:

For this article, I recommend a cotton yarn that is suitable for a hook of 3.0 – 3.5 mm (finger). The pallet shown in the pictures is made in Scheepjes Catona colors 179, 385 and 393.

Hook: 3.0 – 3.5 mm.

Size: 10 – 11 cm in diameter depending on the size of the yarn and the hook.

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Wind Flower Hexagon Pattern

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