Christmas Crochets

EASY and FREE CHRISTMAS CROCHET PATTERNS ideas for new year celebration 2019

If you like doing work as much as we do, surely these days do not stop looking for ideas for the upcoming holidays. On this occasion, we wanted to make a compilation of beautiful crochet patterns for Christmas. Hello Patronartists! Today is the big day and finally I present our Christmas project a Crochet Crown for Christmas. If you have knitted each one of the small crochet Christmas ornaments that I have been explaining the patterns in the last weeks, you are only one step away from finishing your project. You only have to knit the crochet crown itself and put the ornaments in it. But let’s step by step starting with the base of the crochet crown.

From Christmas decorations to ideas to dress your Christmas table or things to give, are some of the proposals we bring you. Do you have the wool ready? Discover everything you can do with them thanks to these crochet patterns for Christmas!

Crochet reindeer head
To make this funny crochet reindeer we will use the magic ring technique and the plain knit embroidery, in addition to the chain stitch, the low point, the dwarf point, the medium high point, the high point and the increases and decreases of points. As you can see, it does not sound difficult at all. In addition, you will do it with a needle of 7 so beginners will have it very easy to start with this Christmas pattern. The recommended wool is the KATIA big merino in three shades of beige, brown and ivory.

Christmas candle in crochet
One of the most original Christmas crochet patterns that we have found is this one of a candle, ideal if you love this decorative element but you are afraid that the fire could spoil such a special moment.

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