Delicious and different CHRISTMAS DESSERTS Ideas for This Christmas 2019

Christmas cookies, brownies, candy canes and hot chocolate are all about Christmas desserts … especially if they are sweetly decorated and even more irresistible during the holidays.

Make the holidays longer with these funny Christmas gifts your kids will love: Christmas hats, colorful Christmas trees, and reindeer desserts. With so much creativity and charm your little ones are not the only ones to go for dessert.

You have half an hour Then you have time to prepare these light Christmas desserts that will feed at least a dozen of your loved ones. Cakes and cupcakes, bars and brownies and mass biscuits – get ready to serve sweets with minimal effort!
If you are looking for a festive dessert, tasty and easy to prepare, this is for you. Embedded in a hot fudge sauce and loaded with pretty pieces of peppermint, this almost tempting pleasure will ask the guests for moments. -Pam Lancaster, Willis, VirginiaThe Christmas party of our church always includes these pretty cupcakes as a home made contribution. The holidays were the sweet inspiration for their cheerful cherry trimmings. -Leanne Beagley, Rochester, New York

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