AMIGURUMI PATTERNS Ideas for New year 2019

Flamingo Amigurumi Pattern

1. Environmental friendliness. In my work I use only natural, environmentally friendly materials.
2. Waste reduction. Two aspects can be distinguished here. First, reducing your waste by making toys. I make the most of all material, leftovers and scraps. Secondly, it is a fight against the mass market for disposable plastics. It is better to buy one quality and expensive item than many low quality cheap ones.
3. Sincerity. Each result of my work is unique and spiritual.
4. Creativity. The development of creative thinking for humanity is one of the important elements of my work.
5. Quality. Only new and certified materials are used in my work.
6. Development. Infinite and continuous. Every year I have new masterclasses, development, students and projects.
Now let’s get to work!

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Sloths of love amigurumi Pattern

This model was developed by @essiebirdies. It may not be sold or used for commercial purposes. You are allowed to sell finished items in a limited way and mention @essiebirdies as designers. Essiebirdies is not responsible for the finished products made by the users of the model. This model is free and a gift for you. I spend a lot of time developing it, please don’t use it in any way. Enjoy this lazy crochet and I’d love to see your social network.

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Frida Cushion Amigurumi Pattern

Finished size: 15 x 27 cm when filling
This model was developed by @essiebirdies. It may not be sold or used for commercial purposes. You are allowed to sell finished items in a limited way and mention @essiebirdies as designers.
Copyright and Designer: @essiebirdies

• Cotton yarn, eg Phildar cotton 3, Schachenmayr catania, Scheepjes Catona
• Hook size 3
• Fiber filling
• Needle and scissors
• Pompom for decoration (pillow bottom)

It’s an easy crochet pattern, and you can easily resize it by crocheting with a thicker or thinner yarn and a suitable hook size. If you use the same yarn as me, note that you may need a smaller hook size (check the tension)

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Lovely Plush Tiger Amigurumi Pattern

Hello, dear awards. Today we will knit great tiger amigurumi. This is a free amigurumi tiger crochet pattern.
Author: Kalabina Alena
(my instagram @ kalabina_toys,
Free master class
Required materials:
1. yarn art Dolce yarn colored pumpkin 778 or Himalaya Dolphin baby 80368 (consumption 85 gr),
white color Yarn art Dolce 741 (consumption 17g), chocolate Himalaya Dolphin baby 80343 (consumption 5g)
2. Shining eyes 16mm green
3. Particle board discs 30 mm and clamp pins 25 * 2 mm
4. Velvet nose 16 mm (deal with glue with super glue)
5. Crochet hook 3.5 mm (knit tight enough)
6. For embroidery a long needle with a large eye

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Stitch Cartoon Character Amigurumi Pattern

The master class is not a learning material, so basic crochet skills are needed to create this toy.
If you have any questions, you can contact me in person by writing a message.
Designer: @my__toys__story

When giving, we used blue (141) -2 skeins, turquoise (490) and pink (265) yarn Alize Softy – it needed less than half a skein.
Hook number 3.5.
To decorate the eyelid, you will need white and black felt, as well as glue.
The height of the finished toy is 30 cm.

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Awesome Plush Tiger Amigurumi Pattern

When posted on social media. network work, in this master class you need to provide a link in instagram to the author of the Cabinet – @baby_toys_handmade_ua, for you it is not difficult, but for me it is important.
According to this master class amigurumi tiger turns out to be 29-30 cm long, depending on your knitting density, hook size and batch of yarn.

Designer: Valery Priimachenko
For knitting you will need:
● Himalayan dolphin baby plush yarn or yarn dart
● Crochet hook # 4, # 4,5 # 5 is suitable for knitting this yarn. I use # 4 ”
● Yarn consumption is about one skein of basic color and slightly white and black
● Filler – holofiber, synthetic fluff, synthetic wintering agent, synthetic balls, etc.
● Eyes on the safety holder 20 mm
● Cilia, nose, you may have a mustache made of fishing line
● Sewing needle with a large eye

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