Brown hair: light, medium or dark? Learn the differences between the nuances

Brown hair never goes out of style, and among so many nuances of color, it is really difficult to choose the darling between shades of light brown, medium and dark! To give a help to those who think about getting dark – or who is already brunette but wants to change their tone – we prepared a guide to help you differentiate the tonalities and also help you understand the right numbering in the box. Check out!

The light brown hair is very similar to the dark blond. It is the illuminated brown look, which can appear on all strands, evenly, or even lighter strands.

Main nuances: honey, golden and bronde – which is a combination of brown with golden lights.

Box numbering: When looking for a light brown tone, the tip is to choose boxes with numbers that start with 5 or 6.

The medium brown hair is the one neither as clear and nor as dark as the black one! They are warm shades that can illuminate the look, especially with the strands in the sun. They combine with all skin tones and can have reddish, grayish or golden highlights.

Main nuances: chocolate, caramel, grayish brown and copper brown.

Box numbering: The medium brown tones appear starting at number 4. Dark brown hair is one that is easily mistaken for black! It is a more closed and warm color, which guarantees a very natural look in any type of hair – smooth, curly, curly and curly. As it is an intense nuance, it does not usually have reflections in other tones, like the golden or the reddish.

Main nuances: brown, dark brown, natural brown.

The numbering in the box: the shades of dark brown appear in the boxes with the numbering starting with the number 3.

If you want to get dark and do not know which type of coloring to use, there are 2 options: permanent, which uses hydrogen peroxide to change the color of the threads, and the toners, which are semipermanent stains and do not contain ammonia in the formula.

If you are already brunette and only want to subtly change your nuance, it is worth investing in the toners, which can lighten or darken the color in 1 tone. In addition to being simpler to apply, this type of coloration also gives a gloss bath in the locks. Now, if you are blonde or redhead, bet on the permanent colorings, which can darken 3 shades of brown at one time.


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