Braided hairstyles for Stylish Ladies 2019

Braided Hair Models are the most useful and most popular hair models. Thanks to its romantic and bohemian appearance, it is also highly preferred, thanks to the advantage of home-made knitting hair models. Whether you have long hair or short hair, haircloth models that fit every haircut are often preferred at weddings and other special occasions.

Straight hair and wavy hair can be applied easily with the hair brace models settled in the first row among the easy hair models. Moreover, when you combine it with the hair you are shaping with the claws, beautiful knitting bun models can emerge.

Knitted hair models are especially suited to hair with yellow hair and ombre. To apply braided knob models to your hair, you can shape the hair with the tongs and then leave a pinch from the front in such a way as to leave the hair open.

These models are individual for those who like bohemian braids. With easy knit patterns you can apply to open and wavy hair, you can give your hair a cool look. You can also get different hair models by completing the hair that is not included in the specimen with the half-ball model, which is the latest fashion.


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