Blonde Hairstyles for Stylish Women and Beauty Ladies 2019

Natural or dyed, it does not matter, the color of golden blonde tints is the favorite of the moment. This sublime blond tone creates a warm and glamorous look. In addition, the result of the golden tones deserves the effort of the great care that it requires. We tell you what it is that makes this first-level color a global trend and how the different shades of brown hair can become golden blondes.

The most precious treasures need good care and the color of golden blonde hair is no exception, proper care is essential to maintain the beauty and shine of your hair. Here we tell you how to achieve it:

Glow of golden blond tints for angelic hair
blond golden color hair
Gigi Hadid points to the trend of golden blonde hair

Make your hair always radiant, starting with the wash: special products with gold highlights for blond hair give a lustrous finish to the precious metallic color. In addition, these rich shampoos and conditioners soften the surface of the hair and make the light reflect better. The result: hair with the radiance of pure gold.

Take care of the blond dye from the heat
Remember to protect your hair before sunbathing. Like your skin, your hair can be damaged by heat, and UV rays could end pigmentation. This damage causes your hair to look dull and dull. Oils with UV protection and sprays protect your golden blonde hair color. A sun hat (shades of cream and white are ideal for golden blondes) is the best way to keep the sun out and protect your scalp.

Brush and keep the shine
Treat your golden hair with regular care. Brushing it stimulates the circulation of the scalp; In this way, you stimulate the nutrients to reach the roots of your hair. Thus, you will keep your hair healthy, resplendent and resistant, without forgetting that its color will stand out more.

Adds shine to golden blonde tints
A golden blonde with extra shine? No problem! Beauty oils with liquid microcrystals create a spectacular mirror effect. These extra care products nourish the hair and make it soft with a velvety texture.

Golden blonde tints on dark hair
Natural blonde? Do not worry, even brown hair and chestnut hair can enjoy a golden look. The golden blond dye, like other colors, comes in various shades. That is why the different types of brown hair can find the perfect golden tone. The most common colorations are divided into, for example, light golden blondes, warm and dark. The latter is ideal for dark hair since it looks better with a great golden shine.

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