Bewildering CHRISTMAS MAKEUP LOOKS! It’s Very Funny and Amazing For This December!

Fast: Imagine the ultimate make-up look for Christmas. I have it What did you see? Holly Berry lips? Plenty of glitter? If you enter the query in Pinterest, you will get a violet and brilliant sea. But that’s the quintessential problem. It’s all too predictable and you deserve to highlight, especially given the impressive number of parties around the world.

Celebrity make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes agrees that the make-up tends to be a bit repetitive and he prefers to move away from the norm. She explains, “If a brand came to me and said,” Hey, can you make up for the holidays? “My brain would immediately go to the red lip to sparkle because that’s a bit of what the holiday suggests to you, which is really refreshing.” Given the refreshment, Hughes has a number of ideas ready for the holidays that are far from your typical red and shimmering red eye, with a detailed description of each individual’s performance.
So many good things happen here, but maybe the 360-degree cat’s eye eye is the focal point of this retro-femme-fatal moment, which is absolutely sharp like a razor and connects to the nipple inner corner of the eye.

“Start with a pencil or powder and bite [the cat’s eye] with a powder or pencil, because these two formulas, for example, are easier to clean than a liquid, this can be the powder you need to have the house, then draw it with something final. “If you choose a pen, Hughes recommends keeping the tip as sharp as both eyes to get a consistent definition. “My ‘finale’ is the Surratt Liquid Liner, I prefer to use it rather than myself because it can bleed a little because it’s fluid, but it’s amazing for stuff.”

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