AWESOME SCARF PATTERNS Ideas and Images for new Season For Winter 2019


Yes, I keep talking about crocheting. I’m obsessed So today I like to share my crochet pattern with you in a simple scarf. It’s something I invented, though I’m sure there’s something similar already. This is the ideal project to start the hook!

I think a nice crocheted scarf could be one of my favorite crocheted things. Especially if I find a fairly simple pattern that catch up very quickly – it’s so fast and fun! You can take a ride on the car and get a new, cute scarf upon your arrival. For me it’s all about accessories that you can make on the go. 🙂 They’re also part of the projects that rarely end up in the unfinished pile (a section of the hardware store that’s almost scary!) Because they catch up so fast.

I’ve put together some of my favorite projects to give you some inspiration – I’ve tried some of them and others are on my to-do list! Many of these projects are also good beginners – with simple stitches such as single crochet and double crochet – they would be ideal for a beginner project. Sometimes you need a light scarf and this crochet stitch pattern is perfect! It works fast with interesting details in the middle rows and works for both men and women!


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