Christmas Crochets


Anna loves to crochet, and small projects are done in the blink of an eye.
Many hours in the afternoon are often dedicated to making delicate crochet creations, and these days she is busy making Christmas decorations. Anna has decided to share three crochet patterns with you. Now, it is up to you to decide if the projects will become beautiful gifts for friends, if you will use them as table decorations or for the Christmas tree.
Read the patterns below and choose your next crochet project.

Villoria del Órbigo may be the town that this year awaits the arrival of Christmas with more enthusiasm. It will be next December 16 when a project in which all the neighbors have turned up is officially inaugurated. The village square will house the largest Christmas tree in the world made with crochet, with a height of seven meters and that has three and a half meters in diameter that will crown Villoria de Órbigo on a platform of one meter in height.

What started as an idea for next Christmas, has become the madness of all Villarejo. It was a year ago when the women of the Villa Aurea Association came out of the Christmas dessert contest in which one of them had presented a nativity portal of puff pastry. Then, the councilor of culture told them: «I have thought an idea for you».

It was a picture of the tree that Veguellina had made with bottles and they thought they could reinvent it for next Christmas, but with crochet. “The truth is that we bite a bit and then we got down to work”, as recognized by Mariví González, president of the Villa Aurea women’s association. “At the beginning there were four or five women doing the crochet paintings, but then people started to be encouraged and the life they have given us is incredible”, to the point that a year later there have already been more than 50 people who have contributed to the project.

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