Awesome CROCHET HAT PATTERN Image Ideas for new Season 2019

The crochet hat can have various designs, styles and patterns, but its charm is always present, regardless of what you choose to do. The many details that can be added, such as flowers can be made of crochet, ribbons, fabric bands, rustic yarns, brooches and appliqués, make every second even more special and interesting. And just like in other fashion segments, it is possible to make a crochet cap for each occasion.

Do not waste time and make a hat for you right now, there are some of the rest of the novel crochet thread you’ve been saving for a long time in the back of your closet.

Step-by-Step Crochet Hat with Graphic
To make a crochet hat you will need:

Line for your preference with a color and a choir of your choice;
Crochet needle with a thickness that can be curved smoothly with a chosen thread;
Ribbon of your choice and with your own style of decoration or choice of your preference (optional).
Make 8 chains, join the tips, climb 3 chains and call the circle formed with 29 more high points. Follow the chart until you reach the top of your head. Then start working on the body of the hat without increasing stitches so that it fits into your head. Make a flap also following the graph. To finalize your piece, pass a ribbon and place the other ornaments, such as flowers, for example, if you want. And it’s ready!

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