Awesome CROCHET HAT PATTERN Image Ideas for new Season 2019

Isabel Beanie Pattern

DESCRIPTION Best-selling Beanie, great for adults and kids. Makes a great mom and me set up. Simple but stylish.

SKILLS This is a simple level crochet pattern and the techniques used in it are single crochet, half double crochet, stitch and sliding stitch. Written in standard US terms. Also includes photos and instructions for the stitch and knitted stitch.

SIZES Includes baby and adult sizes.

The DOWNLOADING model will be available for immediate download after payment.

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Unley Chill Beanie Pattern

A hilarious beanie design that is one of my gift and charity donations. Because it works fast and is easy to manufacture, it is also a perfect item on the market. The design is attractive unisex, and the basket weave is a cozy and comfortable fabric. If you haven’t tried basket weaving yet, this is the perfect simple example to learn.

Top with a pom pom feminine touch, or follow the dirty bun / ponytail instructions for a beanie, which is very trendy.

Connect the beanie with a simple basket weave scarf or basket weave lid.

The beanie samples shown in the pictures are made of 100% wool. The wool I have used is 8 layers of Australian thick. It is compatible with some thinner combed yarns. Beanie also fabulously forms a blend of wool fibers and acrylic fibers.

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Monique Beret Pattern

Monique is a unique hat because it is timeless, flattering and sophisticated. Working round, Monique has fine qualities that give it an attractive texture. Monique combines a knitted stitch and an “x” stitch to move evenly between the layers. Dimensions are easy to manipulate by adding and subtracting layers, giving you complete control over the size of the project. The bar can also be easily manipulated by adding or subtracting start chains and rows. Before starting the project, I recommend reading the abbreviations and the first 5 rounds.

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Bouncy Beanie Pattern

This article is written to fit almost any adult head size, close-fitting head and stretchable enough to fit my husband’s big head;)

If your head is smaller than average, I recommend reducing the size of the hook to make it a little tighter.

This pattern is worked in a round from top to bottom and the edges are made using a single crochet.

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Window on Joy Pattern

Stained glass combines the joy of many colors, sometimes subtle and sometimes bright, with the secret of what might be on the other side. Is it a garden? City? Ocean view? It’s usually impossible to see! This hat mimics a stained glass window with a hexagonal window, delimiting each color spot (“glass”) with an elevated chain stitch (“metal” frame). You can skip the border if you want simple hexagons, but the border has the added advantage of hiding small imperfections at the edges of all colors.

The hat is knitted flat, but I like to knit it on a circular needle because it makes it easier for me to see how it will turn out. There are six hexagons in each row. The hexagons next to the Christmas trees have one additional stitch in each row, so that then the hat is easy to sew.

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Shelltastic Beanie Pattern

This elegant textured beanie will be a nice addition to your wardrobe or gift as a sweet gift or charity item. As it works very fast, it is also great for market stand stocks.
The beanie is designed to work in several layers, mostly from a simple repetition of two round shells, and is worthy of a beginner.
There are a number of options for working to the brim at the beanie, including a simple design suitable for beginner skill levels.
There are so many fun color patterns that you can work with this beanie – the pattern has many suggestions.
Add pom pom for extra appeal, or follow the sample selection instructions to make the trend dirty bun / ponytail.

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