Christmas Nails

Awesome CHRISTMAS NAILS DESIGN, Colorful and Easy Ideas


During the holidays we would like to be laid out like a Christmas tree. A ready made manicure is the perfect accessory for any holiday party, any potluck and cookie exchange. Rather than using classic red or this year, we think it’s time to make a difference with these Christmas nail art ideas. Prepare your fingers for Christmas by bringing your creamy red nail, rich in beef’s blood and creamy ivory, to new heights.

For romantics who conquer landmarks, a patch of holly twigs, mistletoes and wreaths feels good. For cocoa lovers, a comfortable plaid print will give your nails a nice makeover. You can test your own manicure skills by creating one of these patterns, or follow our example by inspiring it in your nail salon. Check out these 25 funny and festive Christmas nail designs for 2018.


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