Awesome CHRISTMAS MAKEUP Tips for New Year Eye Makeup And More for 2019

No time to make up as you would like in the great Christmas appointments? With these three quick makeup ideas you will need only five minutes to be pretty
We would all love to be able to wear the makeup look of a Kardashian on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. With her “primer”, her illuminator, her eye primer, her three or four shadows, her outlined and her lipstick effect “full lips” effect. But the truth is that, when the day comes, it is possible that we barely have a few minutes to get ready after preparing dinner, taking care of the family or leaving work with just enough time.

From Bulevar Sur we want to facilitate the task with three express makeup looks with which you will be fixed in five minutes. But, to be really quick, you need to be prepared:

If choosing the hairstyle usually takes several hours (we must bear in mind that the chosen day can be a bad hair day), it is time to choose between enhancing the lips or the look; strobing or contouring; smokey eye or cat eye … The options are so many that choosing the winning option can be complicated. As there are many celebrations, the first thing you should do is to define your goal well: What is the plan? Obviously a Christmas Eve dinner with the family asks for a makeup something different from New Year’s Eve, etc.

After a whole year of trends, we can make something clear. For example, if you always use the same shade tones, this Christmas may be the time to try the reddish tones. The classic Chanel 4 men made years ago the red color between their colors to create autumn looks and full of galmour. This Christmas your winning option can be a smoked in earth tones, applying the red in the almond of the eye: perfect for Christmas day. What if I want a more daring look? Well, something as simple as combining the color of the lips with that of the shadow can surprise you and become one of your star looks.

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