Christmas Crochets

Awesome CHRISTMAS CROCHET Decoration Patterns for new Year 2019

Hello Patronartists! Today is the big day and finally I present our Christmas project a Crochet Crown for Christmas. If you have knitted each one of the small crochet Christmas ornaments that I have been explaining the patterns in the last weeks, you are only one step away from finishing your project. You only have to knit the crochet crown itself and put the ornaments in it. But let’s step by step starting with the base of the crochet crown.

Knit 26 chains and join forming a ring (be careful to join so that the chain does not stay rotated). Now work in round 1 p.b. (low point) at each point closing each round with 1 p.e. (dwarf or slipped point) and starting each loop with 1 chain. You have to do 2 laps of white, 16 laps of green and 16 laps of red. The color combination is white, green, white, red. In total you will have 4 green, 4 red and 8 white stripes. You start by knitting a white stripe and you end up with a red one. In the photo you can see how it looks.

Now fill the tube that we have made with wadding, if it is difficult to fill it, help yourself with the stick of a long kitchen spoon or something similar. Sew the ends of the crown (in the video below you can see how to do it) but do not finish closing it. When you only have a couple of centimeters left to fill the wadding crown and when it is well filled, then finish closing the crochet crown. Now we just have to mount the ornaments to our crown. For those who have not prepared the ornaments I will leave you a link to each of the ornaments we have made over the weeks. All contain step by step pattern and video of how to do them.

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