Amazing and Colorful FREE Crochet Shawl Images Pattern For New Year 2019

Start a new year and the first pattern of the blog could not be other than my new peak shawl with Popcorn points. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I have been knitting Christmas and finally it is ready to be your next crochet project. This shawl is woven in the same way as the peak shawl I made last year. I wove it with the wool The Meripaca from We are knitters in lead color and I love it. It has a mixture of Merino and Alpaca, it is soft and very resistant. Wash well in the washing machine and do not leave pellets.

My shawl combines turns in high point with turns in knitted net and turns in low point with popcorn points. I have chosen a sequence so that the drawing made by the drafts and the balls have harmony but you can weave them in the order you want. If you have already done the Rumba Clutch online course it will be much easier for you.

This pattern is much simpler than you think. You just have to be clear about the increases that are always in the same places.

I have prepared the crochet scheme to make it easier for you to interpret the pattern. In this scheme you see until round 9 because from there it is simply repeating turns as indicated by the pattern in writing.

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