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Koala Baby Amigurumi Pattern

Hello, my dear friends. I have noticed that I have not shared a koala model for a long time. Then I went to look for a new koala amigurumi pattern and came across a very beautiful baby amigurumi model. I turned the model as far as possible. I hope you enjoy the translation model.

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Elephant Lexi Amigurumi Pattern

Hello dear friends. Today we will knit elephant lexi amigurumi. This pattern free.
Designer: vikusivashok
gazzal jeans colors:
yarnart jeans color:
hook 1.75
eyes 12 – 16 mm

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Little yellow chicken amigurumi Pattern

The size of the Chicken amigurumi toy depends on the density of knitting and the selected yarn and crochet. When using these materials, the toy turns out to be 13 cm.
! We stuff the toy as we knit. In the place where the tail is attached, we fill it loosely, but at the same time we direct the tail up.

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Blue Cougar Amigurumi Pattern

• Yarn
• Yarn Art Dolce main color 2 skeins, white less than skeins, only slightly black
• Yarn art jeans for nails and muzzle
• Yarn Art Mink for tying legs
• Strong body-colored yarn for sewing the head and ears
• Hook N4
• Eyes 25mm
• Filler
• Glue the torque crystal

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Unicorn with a palm Amigurumi Pattern

Here’s a unicorn example of how to knit a little nice unicorn. Thanks to this description, you can create a beautiful and unique toy by hand.
* The toy is knitted in a spiral (unless otherwise stated).
* Use a special contrasting marker or yarn to mark the beginning of a line.
* The unicorn drawing contains a complete description of the toy knitting process and intermediate photographs of the details.
* Unicorn pattern has no crochet training. Crochet skills that you should have.
This unicorn model is my author’s development and is completely FREE
You can dispose of toys based on this unicorn pattern at your own discretion. When selling toys and publishing photos of finished works, I will be happy if you identify me as the author of the description. Sincerely, Olga Romakhina.

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Peach Plush Cat Amigurumi Pattern

The appearance and size of the toy depends on the density of the knitting and the way the yarn is caught. I left exactly 1 skein, I knit tightly with checks. For the first time, I recommend taking the yarn with a difference.

1 Himalaya Dolphin Baby (120m – 100g) skein or 1.5 yarn skeins
Art dolche
the model is intended for hook No.4;
filler (holofiber);
eyes 14/16/18 mm (I have shiny trapezoids 14 mm);
spout 12 × 15 mm (I have a velvet peach);
a long needle for sewing (about 12 cm);
a needle with a wide eye for tightening the hole of parts;
yarn for fastening parts: nylon, dental floss;

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