56+ Best living room furniture design ideas for This Year

Even if you work with a tiny space, a well-designed living space sets the tone for the rest of your place. And since there is no shortage of pasta lounges and family rooms on the web, we have put together 50 of our favorites, divided into ideas to try yourself, to help you brainstorm on your resolutions. Decorated with wall paintings or gallery walls, velvet sofas or flashy fabrics, these rooms are designed to inspire and drool. Have a coffee or tea and settle down, because we have a lot to show you.

Anyone who hinted that too many good things are bad would never have seen an exaggerated gallery wall. Take inspiration from the additional living room of the artist KAW on Architectural Digest and unzip your neutral color palette with a wide and bright artistic arrangement to make a statement.

A good gallery wall is a gift that keeps on giving. Create your own living room style accommodation for your living room by simply touching your artwork along a floating shelf or a ledge of images (as seen on Transitoinicial) for a simplified display that is easy to install and move around if you want to shake the what’s this.

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