52+ Cool bedroom makeup desk design ideas for you

As any cosmetologist will tell you, there is an art to perfectly apply makeup and just like great artists need space for their work, you deserve a dedicated space for yours! A makeup vanity offers the perfect combination of dedicated space, space and style to make makeup a joy rather than a thankless job. While there are many makeup vanity models available, of all different styles and arrangements, there are a few things that all have in common.

A mirror is a must, of course: make sure it’s large enough and positioned at the right height so you can use it when you’re sitting in your dressing table. You will also need a lot of light. Ideally, you want the light to come from both sides of your face, so there are no shadows to reject your mix. If you can’t include a fully lit mirror, try placing a lamp with a lampshade that spreads gently on each side of your dressing table or place it near a window with good natural light. Opt for bulbs designed to mimic natural light; the bulbs that project yellow or orange light make it difficult to match colors.

Storage is also crucial: if you like baskets to keep things hidden or open shelves that have everything at hand, make sure there is enough space to organize everything. you need. From these basic elements, it is possible to create a vanity to match the sensitivity of any style. Ready to start planning yours? Check out these 19 makeup ideas for some inspiration!

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