46+ Gorgeous and New Christmas Nails, Decoration and Design

Do you believe that making a leaf of holly is too complicated and therefore reserved for professionals? You only have to look at the collage below, to be convinced that it is not at all true! Examine the 5 easy-to-follow steps, mimic them and you’ll have your manicure in no time! You do not even have to repeat the pattern on all nails, but only perform a “nail accent” on the ring finger.

It does not matter if you have real or false nails, the protection base is in order! After drying, apply a coat of white varnish that will highlight the dark green pattern superimposed. Using a fine brush dipped in green varnish, trace the contours of the leaves and fill with the same color. Allow to dry and draw the ribs of the leaves using a silver, light green or other contrasting color varnish. Of course, you can also use the same blank that has already been used as a background. The so-called icing on the cake are the charming little berries that, in the example above, are made of red glued rhinestones.

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