45+ Christmas Nails Design for This Winter 2019 2020

Everyone has their own vacation. Some go to the full, donating other “ugly” Christmas pullovers for each December day, decorating their halls (and the entire exterior of their homes) with more lights than in Paris, and training on New Year’s Eve for the perfect cork. Others prefer a more subtle approach and barely follow the traditional red-green tones of the season. They prefer brilliance rather than treat on the face.

The same applies to the holiday manicure. If you paint your nails with three-dimensional joyful motives – maybe bearded Santa and all his deer, complete with pointed horns and a glowing nosedown for Rudolph – there’s a nail artist who can do this for you. Do you prefer a simple silver layer that will lead you to 2020? Your Polish possibilities are endless.

In fact, there is no wrong way to prepare your nails for the holidays. However, if you find it difficult to choose a manicure in the final weeks of the year, we have put together some of our favorites for you. From the best manicure masters on Instagram to inspiration at Fashion Week to the beautiful hands of our editor-in-chief Michelle Lee, you’ll find the perfect manicure to match your spirit level at the festive party.

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