43 AWESOME CHIC and GLAMOUR EYE MAKEUP LOOKS Ideas and Images for 2019

In recent months, sliced ​​eye makeup has dominated social media – and we are not surprised. Makeup fans around the world have proven that you can play with the fun beauty technique by experimenting with different shades and textures, such as glitter and bold tones. If you are wondering what cuts in the world, let us explain. “Cut Crease is a technique that improves and defines eye wrinkles,” says Sascha Jackson, makeup artist at Stila, GLAMOR.

Dramatic eye makeup is a popular trend that gives your eyes a serious look. It’s perfect for a city night.

The bright colors of Gel Shadows are perfect for a dramatic look. Take a liquid eyeliner or pen and fill the inner eyelids with a black eyeliner. Use mascara for upper and lower lashes. False eyelashes make your look more dramatic and glamorous.

Smoky eyes, cat eye makeup, kohl eye makeup, tired bedroom eyes … Choose your favorite moment for warm summer nights.

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