40+ New year And Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Decorating the Christmas tree is not just hanging Christmas decorations from its branches, for many of us it is something else: it is a moment that envelops us in joy and full of illusion, it is a tradition to share with the family.

That is why we began to decorate the tree many weeks before the Holidays imagining it, thinking about how it will look and what we can do to make ours an original Christmas tree that surprises everyone and is recorded in the memory.

If you feel that way too, let yourself be inspired by our decorated Christmas trees. Following the 2019 Christmas trends that we had seen in our visit to the International Christmasworld Trade Fair in Frankfurt we have created different Christmas trees illuminated with our Christmas lights and luminous ornaments. Throughout this article we will see a total of 18 ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree that we have grouped into 5 different styles and some extras:

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