Christmas Decorations

40 AWESOME CHRISTMAS TREE Decoration Ideas for New Year 2019

The celebration of Christmas is one of the most anticipated moments of the year since it is a time when the family meets for an incredible dinner and to make the exchange of gifts. To leave this perfect combination the ideal is to provide a beautiful decoration in the house, at the dinner table for supper and also at Christmas lunch.

In addition to the tree, other Christmas symbols can be used to decorate the space: wager on garlands, flasher, crib, small table settings, snowman, Santa Claus, pines, candles and tree branches. For those who prefer an elegant environment, bet on the harmony of these ornaments by combining colors or material, such as using only earthy tones in the decoration or opt for a decoration made with only felt.

Decorated christmas tree templates
The Christmas tree is an indispensable item for anyone who wants to decorate the house at the end of the year. So riding it is a difficult task as all the items that make up should be well thought out to have a lovely result.

You can choose between a large tree in the living room or a smaller one on top of a room or table. It depends on the area available in the environment to house this ornament.

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