40+ Amazing Stylish Christmas Nails Design and Decoration

Are you looking for nail designs for Christmas? We have compiled 10 Christmas nail ideas so that at this time of year your hands are the center of all eyes. Get inspired by them and tell us what you think. Let’s start !:
Think for a moment. If you had to choose two colors that immediately remind you of Christmas, what would they be? For our team, without a doubt, red (Santa Claus will have something to do) and green (like the tree that decorates our beauty and wellness salon every year). Well, why don’t you play with both colors? It is a manicure to which we can add other details such as reindeer, a Wizard King or a mistletoe to make it more fun. To give it a professional finish stay in good hands, those of our team.
If you are one of those who are willing to sing that “Oooh, blaanca, Navidaaad …”, you should pay tribute to this carol in your nails. As? Very easy: choosing the white color as the protagonist to create some snowflakes or dolls, don’t you think? This style is one of the most informal and friendly we have selected. If you prefer to give it a more sophisticated look we advise you to choose a marbled white like this design that we create:

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