28+ Wonderful and Fantastic Christmas Nails Decoration and Design

The holiday season is approaching and this is the perfect time to start thinking about which Christmas nails to show off: discover the most popular trends for Christmas 2019, with simple Christmas nails, suitable for those who prefer a natural and refined style, passing by for the classic red and gold or red and silver Christmas nails, up to the most glamorous trends of the season.

The holidays are approaching and you are looking for original and trendy Christmas nails to show off with friends and relatives? In fact, this is the perfect time to begin to find many ideas and inspirations to choose the perfect nail art among the many proposals in line with the trends of winter 2020.

Even those who, during the rest of the year, prefer natural colors and simple manicures, are often tempted during the holiday season, giving vent to their creativity and imagination: with a touch of glitter or some detail you can indeed make a Christmas manicure really glamorous and impeccable. The trends are able to satisfy all tastes: it starts from the simple Christmas nails, through the traditional colors like red and gold Christmas nails or red and silver, up to the Christmas nail art depicting the symbols of Christmas and winter as the snowflakes, the holly, the stars and so on.

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