25 Bright and Awesome CHRISTMAS NAILS Art Design and Polish Ideas for 2019

Christmas is the best time of the year to enjoy the festivities. There are many ways to showcase your personal style and creativity for Christmas. The choice of your clothes is not only important for the preparation of vacations, but your nails can also be a valuable asset for the season. Your nails must be polished for festive perfection and match your outfit for your Christmas dinner or lunch in traditional red and green colors.

Here are more than 70 festive nail art ideas for Christmas that will surely give you a serene holiday season. All these Christmas symbols, such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa hats, reindeer and traditional white, green and red colors, are the perfect choice for your creations. Browse our collections and get inspired.

I do not know anything about you, but I still feel so festive at the beginning of December. However, I can not wear anything red or flying every December – well, you know, I can do it, but not without attracting unwanted attention from neighbors. In order to keep everything in a radiant and festive atmosphere, without sacrificing my restraint, I decided to paint the festive atmosphere on my nails!

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